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Our Chapter Description
1 chapter1

1st Khandam

To be found out through your thumb impression. ( Gents right, Ladies Left ). This will contain your name, Parents name, present details of your profession. Predictions about your brothers, sisters, wife and children. Gist of furture Predictions for the 12 astral houses and occupation of planets.

2 chapter1

2nd Khandam

Regarding Money, family education, speech and eyes.

3 chapter1

3rd Khandam

Reg no of brothers sisters affection help or illfelling inbetween self and brothers and sisters

4 chapter1

4th Khandam

Mother, House, Vehicles, immovable, properties and pleasures of the life

5 chapter1

5th Khandam

Children, their birth, reasons for not having children, adoption of children, remedial measures for having children and future lives of children.

6 chapter1

6th Khandam

Regarding disease, debts, enemies, litigation and remedial measures for avoidance.

7 chapter1

7th Khandam

Time of marriage, distance, name, lagnam and planetary positions of bride and bridegroom.

8 chapter1

8th Khandam

Longivity accident, danger to life age, month, date, day, time, star lagnam and place of death.

9 chapter1

9th Khandam

Perdiction with regards to father health visit to holy places luck plilgrimate teaching ubathesam holy men and chritable deeds.

10 chapter1

10th Khandam

Future Predictions with regard to profession, Job , Business, Change of Place, good and eveils there on.

11 chapter1

11th Khandam

Profits and second marriage

12 chapter1

12th Khandam

Expenditure and its reasons foreign visits, next birth and ( Or ) attainment of Salvation ( Moksha )

13 chapter1


Shanthi Priharam, last birth, sins commited, effects of the past birth sins and remedial measures to get rid off them to be done in this birth.

14 chapter1

Deesha Khandam

Manthra Japam, |Wearing of Raksha ( Talisman ) for avoidance of troubles and enemies.

15 chapter1

Gnana Khandam

Expenditure and its reasons foreign visits, next birth and ( Or ) attainment of Salvation ( Moksha )

16 chapter1


Speaks about the reason/origin of the chronic diseases of the Native (which are at times difficult to be diagnosed by the doctors themselves) and describes the preparation (medicine) as per the direction of the great Saints, Seers and Sages, the way it is to be taken with diet restriction and the length of the period it is to be taken etc., (for a timely, speedy and safe recovery patterns of the Native).

17 chapter1


Speaks about the planets influencing the Native primarily and secondarily at the time of listening to this prediction. The results yielded by them and the way with which the values of them can be enriched and the precautionary effort to balance one\'s weak period are all obtained. This reading minimizes one\'s difficult days to the minimal level.

18 chapter1


Prashnam or Prasannam is a unique solution providing astrology done through Palm (Nadi) Leaves, it's an illustrious form of astrology given by our anicient (G)oldenage Rishi's and Sidhar's. Solutions would be provided after a deep prayer would be offered to the respective Sidhar or Rishi by our astrologer and then reads out the contents based on the script written by the Rishi's and Sidhar's thousands of years ago. To avail this service one is required to make a note of the time and date of when a particular query arised in his/her mind about a particular aspect. Likewise one is allowed to opt for only five (5) queries per consultation. This Questionnaire (Prashnam) needs to be sent to the respective astrologer beforehand and the astrologer will then a convenient date and time to have the reading session. This service could only be availed by those who have already had their Nadi Astrology done with us. Those who wish to seek this prashnam service should first and foremost avail Nadi Astrology.