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S. Sugumaran @ Kumar S.V. B.Com.

Chief Nadi Astrologer

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welcome to Agathiyar nadi jothidam

Founder and Guruji - Nadi Jothidar, KTS Rajan , started and leading his ancient Nadi Jothida Nilayam Since 1987. His son and disciple , S. Sugumaran @ kumar. S V B.COM have started his career, from 1997 continuing and learning to enrich himself with this knowledge every day implied to the benfit of others. He inherited and learnt most of it from his Guru, KTS Rajan who is founder of this Nadi jothida nilayam

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  3. Translation Stages
  4. Divine Conversation

Special Khandams

Shanthi Priharam, last birth, sins commited, effects of the past birth sins and remedial measures to get rid off them to be done in this birth.


Deesha Khandam

Manthra Japam, |Wearing of Raksha ( Talisman ) for avoidance of troubles and enemies.



Medicines for chronic diseases and method of tackling the

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